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Pension & Retirement

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I get as an older person?
How do I work out how much pension I will get when I retire?
When can I start claiming my state pension and how old do I have to be?
What do I need to consider when planning for retirement?

Where can I get free Pensions Guidance in Waltham Forest?

Web chat: Click here to speak with an online adviser.

Text relay users can call 03444 111 445  for help from Citizens Advice


Here are some links to national websites which offer information advice on pension and retirement:

Citizens Advice – “Advice Guide”:

Pension Wise – website:
Age UK:
Money Advice Service:
The Pension Service:


Local Pension Advice and Guidance:

pw and cab

Citizens Advice Waltham Forest has a Pension Wise project which offers free guidance on pensions. Contact the Waltham Forest Pension Wise team on

0203 233 0250.

For more information click here.