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Fair play for prepay

Fair Pay for Pre Pay


What’s the issue?

Despite paying on average £80 a year more than direct debit customers, energy prepayment meter users get a second class service including:

  • Limited top up options
  • Little or no choice of tariffs
  • Faulty keys or meters
  • Poor customer service.

Citizens Advice evidence also reveals that 16 per cent of prepayment meter users are cut off over the winter: either because they cannot afford to buy more energy or because they are unable to top-up their meter.

Join consumers everywhere demanding a fairer deal for millions of energy prepayment meter users.

Geoffrey was visited by a Citizens Advice Bureau adviser and a social worker concerned that he was struggling to look after his 14-year-old daughter. The house was freezing and dark, the man sitting wrapped in a duvet on the sofa where he had been mostly for three to four days. It was so cold the adviser could barely take notes.

The social worker asked what he was planning to do for his daughter when she came home from school, as the house was so cold. He explained that he had no money to put in the meter. He was planning to feed her biscuits for tea.


What do we want?

As the statutory consumer watchdog for energy customers, Citizens Advice is demanding the energy companies offer:

  • A better price
  • More control
  • Easier use


Take action

Visit the Citizens Advice website for information on getting involved –